Welcome to the Vox Homunculi, where the voices that fill our world are collected. There has always been a need to allow for the creative and spiritual selves to coalesce into one hub. This is that hub.

Or, at least, it intends to be. The Vox Homunculi is starting over to create a cross platform Blog/Podcast/vLog that addresses the needs of a vast community– not just the Embodied Otherkin or OVC, but several other forms of spirituality, creativity, and intelligent conversation seekers. We are also discussing writing, LGBT life, and editorials on all of these things as well to create a more rounded environment that brings the voice of the people to the ears of the masses.

Because the nature of Embodied spirituality encompasses the entirely and unification of self into a cohesive being, it is important to us that we discuss all things that concern our audience members. Participation on the Radio, interaction in the comments and forums, and sharing of opinions is always reply encouraged.

There are several ways to suggest content, submit your own articles, join in on a discussion, and share your thoughts with the Vox Homunculi. Feel free to subscribe to our RSS feeds, or the medium of your choice (YouTube, BlogTalkRadio, WordPress, etc.,) to join this exciting new direction of the Vox Homunculi!

Feeling gracious? Keep us running with your donations!

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